Winter Voice

These winter days

their darkness bring

Pale of thought

No hope to spring



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2 responses to “Winter Voice

  1. Stansurvivor

    You’re back, Marcus! I enjoyed the poem, bleak thoughts though it expresses…

    I’ve had a lot of death around me this year, starting with the gut wrenching passing of my beloved dad in Ireland in January, with a number of others I’ve known for decades also dying during the year. It culminated less than two weeks ago with the passing of a treasured friend at only 68, taken way too soon. Reading your poem this morning has released a lot of emotion in me. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your Dad and your friend, among others, passing away. I’ve always thought that to lose those close to us means losing part of ourselves also, making grief that more difficult to bear. Be good to yourself.